Portugal is one of the world’s premier wellness destinations. The country boasts a mild climate, sandy beaches, beautiful nature reserves, hot springs, an exciting culinary scene, luxury spas, surf & boot camps, yoga retreats, and a laidback atmosphere. There are very few places in the world that can match Portugal when it comes to wellness breaks. Indeed, the famed coastal region of Algarve is a popular retreat for athletes looking to recover and reenergise during the closed season.

Although it was difficult, we’ve managed to select four things you should do on your next wellness retreat to Portugal.

Bathe in a Hot Springs

Found mainly in central Portugal, the mineral rich hot springs are a treat. Many are part of wider establishments meaning you can expect high-level safety, specialised therapeutic treatments and qualified personnel.

Enjoy the healthy Mediterranean Cuisine

Portugal’s cuisine is nutritious and varied. Its primarily Mediterranean which is one of the healthiest diets in the world. As you’d expect with a coastal country the seafood is a speciality, but you’ll also find a diet rich in fresh fruit, nuts, vegetables and olive oil. As with any country there are number of fast food and processed food establishments, so we recommend going for the local traditional places. 

Toughen up at a boot camp

Holiday bootcamps have grown in popularity over the last 10 years. They’re basically holiday retreats that offer an effective way to get into shape and lose weight. Camps can range anywhere from a few days to a month and offer regular exercise classes and personal training. Most offer nutrition plans and can arrange accommodation. There are several to choose from, but we recommend Prestige bootcamp in Algarve that offer an added juice detoxing programme.

Visit a Boutique Spa

Portugal is home to hundreds of spas; many are part of bigger luxury resorts. We however recommend checking out the smaller more charming boutique establishments. Til Spa, part of the Castanheiro boutique hotel in Madeira, is a fantastic option for those interested in a unique, nature focused and eco friendly treatments. Those looking for a good quality and traditional treatments then look no further than Bali Spa.

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