Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to the awards?
No, there is no fee to participate in any of our programmes. One thing that often comes up whilst coordinating our awards is the question “is there any cost to be involved?”. Whilst some awards bodies rely on the participants funding the award upfront or purchasing expensive tables at galas and ceremonies; all our awards are free of charge.

Our process is designed to be as streamlined as possible to avoid unnecessary costs to any participant. Each of our judges are involved on a voluntary basis and vetted for credibility.

For those who win an award the option is available to purchase decorative items such as trophies or subsequent advertising to further promote themselves beyond our standard winner’s package. This is in no way compulsory and bares no influence over who is selected.

How do I get nominated?
We have a nomination form which we email out to our mailing list and is available to the public for anyone to vote. We also have some industry experts including travel writers and bloggers that put forward a selection of their favourites to be considered. Nominees are then contacted to ensure that they wish to be considered and enrolled in the process
Can I nominate myself or my own company?
We very much encourage self nomination. Nomination information is kept private so we do not make any distinction between self-nomination and third party recommendations.
I have been nominated however I have not been included in the awards?
If you have been put forward for an award and not heard anything back please use our contact form to get in touch. We may have overlooked your entry or not received your permission to enrol you in the process
What do I get if I win?
Each winner will be listed on our website alongside a short 140 character tagline. You will also receive a Nomination or Winners logo to use on your website and email signature. People can verify your win by looking at our winners’ directory.

We do offer trophies and promotional packages at additional charge which can be seen in our media pack.

Who are the judges?
Our judges well be determined for each region 8 weeks prior to the judging date. We aim to include several travel writers and bloggers, industry experts and public or media figures. All final decisions are confirmed by our awards directors and managers who also act as the judging panel. If you wished to be considered as a judge please submit your application a href=”https://thawards.com/nomination/”>HERE.
Is there a limit as to how many categories I can be nominated for?
As long as each category is relevant an applicable you can submit more than one nomination to improve your chances of success.
What are the additional promotional packages that you offer?
We offer several options to help you promote your win and to commemorate the occasion. This includes press writeups to include in our magazine as well as for you to distribute to any local or international press. Crystal awards trophies, Metallic wall plaques or Printed certificates to display in your reception or office. Printed copies of our publication to keep in your lobby. All information relating to these packages can be found in our media pack HERE
Who receives the awards publication?
We distribute our product in a very different way to any other travel magazine. We send our printed guides b2b to be kept in the lobbies and receptions of businesses across the world. Our aim is to target executives and hard-working professionals looking for high end and exclusive travel destinations. That is why we try and select the best Hotels and tour operators based on merit and positive feedback.
What happens after i submit my entry?
Once nominated you will be requested to submit your entry. We will review the information that you have submitted along with internally collected data against a set criteria for each category. If anything is missing or the category is too close to call we will reach out to confirm any additional data. Once the category is decided upon you will either receive an email or telephone call from one of our awards managers to let you know that the judges have reached a decision.
How soon are the winners announced?

The time frame for each awards programme varies depending on the number of nominations in each. We typically aim to deliver results in 4-8 weeks with the results officially posted a month after that. There are however a few exception, such as for our European Tour and Hotel award which has on average circa 15,000 nominees to be assessed each year.

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