You’d expect the Czech Republic’s inclusion in this list solely because to the amazing wellness retreats found all over the countryside. While this did play a key part in our thinking it was actually the advent of the countries beer spas that clinched its place. 

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, has a reputation for good quality and affordable beer. The Czechs are amongst some of the biggest beer drinkers in the world and now they also like to bathe in it as well. Beers spas are a unique experience and not one to be missed, especially for those interested in a short European wellness break. 

When at a beer spa you essentially just relax in a wooden bathtub full of beer while enjoying an unlimited supply of beer usually from your own personal tap. The actual beer used in the bath is more of a concoction of the ingredients used in the beer brewing process. It hasn’t been brewed and there is no alcoholic content, so it’s not recommended you drink the beer in the tub.

There is more to the beer spas then just relaxing in a tub. Once you’ve finished you can opt for rest on a warm bed of straw to promote the absorption of all the vitamins and extracts from the bath, a massage with beer-based products or even just continue to relax and drink the beer on tap.

Bathing in beer does offer some therapeutic benefits for the mind and body. Soaking in beer improves blood circulation, relieves muscle pain, unclogs pores and exfoliates the skin, conditions hair and reduces stress. 

We recommend you visit the Original beer spa, a travel and hospitality award winner, that operate in two location in Prague.

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