For lovers of Barolo, UVE Rooms and Wine Bar is a modern and stylish boutique hotel located within the historical and cultural centre of La Morra, in the Piedmont region, at the heart of the hilly landscapes of Langhe, world famous for its vineyards of ripened Nebbiolo grapes and winemaking.  

Listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, the Langhe area has always been incredibly important for wine growing so much so that, in ancient times, the cutting down of a vine was a hanging offence!

The UVE location is perfect for a fantastic opportunity to discover the charm of these listed heritage hills, an area dedicated to wine lovers with a significant number of wine producers to visit and the chance to taste, arguably, the country’s most fabulous red wine, Barolo. 

The UVE offers eight unique and elegant rooms, within a converted convent, with original stone walls, arches and beamed ceilings.  A contrasting mix of contemporary décor and soft furnishings designed and created by local artisans, with sophisticated lighting and accessories selected from the most beautiful interior design companies in Italy make this a relaxing space for formal or informal visits. 

The UVE wine bar and inner courtyard is a perfect setting to enjoy the locally sourced wines and cuisine including cheeses, cold cuts of ham, white truffles as well as traditional Italian sweet and savoury specialities.  Experience how the characteristics of the local wines combine with the delicious food with the help of the experienced sommeliers.  

UVE ROOMS & WINE BAR | Hotel And Restaurant | Piedmont - Italy

Be prepared to be in awe at the beauty and spirit of the Langhe region. UVE Rooms & Wine Bar will make the trip even more special, with its warm and welcoming team, its romantic setting and atmosphere, and perfect location for exploring the town of La Morra and the entire region.  

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent location, the property is perfectly situated in culinary heartland Italy. Guest can expect to enjoy fabulous wines at the many vineyards in the area as well as the local food, culture and natural beauty of the La Morra. 
  • A unique blend of old & new in the design of the property. The historic elegant exterior blends seamlessly with the contemporary interior and modern décor.
  • Superb on-site restaurant run by head chef Isaiah Berlin. The combination of innovation and tradition on the menu is in keeping with the rest of the property.
  • Exceptional online reviews that emphasise friendly customer service, delicious breakfast, ideal location and spacious rooms 
UVE ROOMS & WINE BAR | Hotel And Restaurant | Piedmont - Italy Address: La Morra, Langhe Via Umberto I, 13 La Morra (Cuneo) 12064 – Italy
Phone: +39 337 1342401