Wellness practices come in a variety of wonderful forms; some are more popular than others. Many of us are always on the lookout for the next alternative “trend” or something different to relieve our ailments. To assist in this endeavour, we’ve listed three of our favourites unique wellness practices that may just be about to take the world by storm.

Chocolate Therapy

For some of us gorging on chocolate after a tough day might be therapeutic enough, however simply consuming chocolate isn’t the only way to enjoy its benefits. Indulging in chocolate-based treatments such as cocoa body scrubs, whipped cocoa baths, chocolate lotion massages, and chocolate wraps, have been shown to be beneficial for the skin, joints, and circulation system

Massage treatment

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In today’s digital age we spend most of our time staring at screens, engaged in conversation, conducting business, browsing the web, etc., and we have little time for proper rest. This is the basis for Vipassana retreats that are designed to reduce stress and purify the mind through self-observation. To do this, guests must observe a prolonged period (normally 10 days) of silence while living restrictively and attending meditation sessions. Participants who complete the 10 days tend to acknowledge the positive benefits it brings.


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Beer Spa

A unique concept from the middle-ages that has well and truly stood the test of time. The hops and yeast within beer is beneficial to the skin in cleaning out pores, detoxifying and improving blood circulation. It’s a great stress reliever, not least for the fact that most establishments offer unlimited beer on tap throughout your session.

beer spa

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