Found on the top edge of Hong Kong’s peninsula next to Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui is known for its legendary view of the city’s harbour. Any first time visitors to Hong Kong should make this neighbourhood a top priority.

Anyone who wants to sample the best shopping and nightlife district in Kowloon, look no further than Tsim Sha Tsui. Roadside dining and eclectic local shops are packed along neon-lit Nathan Road, while luxury malls line nearby Canton Road. Then of course there is the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the biggest multipurpose performance facility in the city. Whether you are into operas, dances, plays and musical performances – you will find something to tickle your fancy here throughout the year. The main concert hall is large, with the capacity to hold over 2,000 people. During the Cultural Centre’s off-hours, there are usually free foyer programmes and art exhibitions to take in.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Want to know what Hong Kong’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame looks like? You’re in luck, The Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong’s answer to the famous walk, but with a much more scenic backdrop. It’s located next to the breath-taking Victoria Harbour, giving way to a waterfront view of the city’s iconic skyline. 

Found just five minutes away from the K11 shopping mall, Kowloon Park is the place to go to escape the city’s relentless energy and to enjoy some greenery and get away from the skyscrapers. It’s also a surprisingly good place to indulge in some birdwatching – in the centre of the park there’s a pond full of flamingos and an aviary with exotic parrots and cockatoos. A swimming pool and health centre are located on the north side of the park, and if you’re not interested in squats or squash, there’s a McDonald’s in the same building too!