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TripX.Tech offers tour operators and online travel agencies native mobile solutions. The solution is simple, a system agnostic technology that allows businesses to integrate their reservation systems to offer a top of the line after sales booking service. The technology provides clients and partner’s further opportunity to promote and generate additional revenues through the sought-after experiential travel tours & activities bookings.

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This is mainly achieved through the flexibility and customisability of the platform. Clients and partners can incorporate their own design and functionality requirements with the ability to integrate a range of technologies including existing software and data management systems. This allows for seamless integration and a fully tailored experience.

TripX.Tech is powered by a robust custom content management system designed to enable a variety of content management options depending on the functional requirements. TripX’s core functionality includes but is not limited to, booking and reservation systems for hotel, activities and extras, payment management, interactive trip planner, digital mapping functionality with offline capability and peer to peer reviews.

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If you’re in the travel industry and are looking for ready made solution for your customers needs, then look no further than TripX.Tech

Judges’ Feedback

  • Customisability of the platform; Clients are encouraged include their own design ideas and
    build towards their own requirements.
  • Ease of Integration; the system is incorporate existing technologies and data management
  • Added Revenue; The technology enables clients to gain additional revenue booking extra
    activities, experiences, and tours.

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