Zakynthos or Zante as it is also known is probably one of Greece’s most popular and most visited island.  It is an island of many facets with a great deal to explore and an abundance of activities on offer from the moment the ferry docks in Agios Nikolaos in the North of the island.  Prepare firstly to be blown away by the beauty particularly in the North and the West far away from the tourist bars and tacks shops.  

For a full Zakynthos experience, it is recommended to take a tour and discover the best bits about the island, including the famous shipwreck situated on Navagio Beach, boasting the clearest waters in the world, and the Blue Caves set amongst breathtaking white cliffs reflecting in the vivid blue ocean.  The crystalline waters make this location perfect for snorkelling, and there are a number of excellent scuba diving schools offering excursions for experienced and beginners. A good guided tour will provide some interesting information about the area including the history, traditions and culture.  

Visit the Keri cliffs and lighthouse 300 metres above sea level to witness the most stunning sunset.  The peaceful town of Keri is often referred to as “Turtle Island” due to its outline resembling the shape of a turtle and it is the location for the National Marine Park dedicated to protecting the Mediterranean ecosystem.  Learn about the efforts to defend the wildlife in the area, in particular, the Caretta-Caretta, or loggerhead turtles, and the Monachus-Monachus, the Mediterranean seals.