In the vast sea of tour companies that emphasize the usual visits to historical and architectural places of interest that can be found on everyone’s bucket list, The Blue Walk begs to differ. Established in 2011, the people behind the company have a huge passion for sharing unique, authentic experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in scenic landscapes that seem refreshingly otherworldly.

The Blue Walk tour company offers a meditative experience and an opportunity to soak in the people, culture and sheer beauty of undiscovered locations. Guests can enjoy well-paced and leisurely walks along the beautiful coastlines of major European countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Greece. The underlying idea here isn’t to rush through but to genuinely slow down and surrender to the magic of the present moment, underneath the clear blue skies and surrounded by serene Mediterranean landscapes. Every single detail is taken care of, including upscale accommodation in gorgeous boutique hotels.

For an even more exceptional experience, The Blue Walk offers themed tours based on your preference. If you are an avid artist, you will love one of the Art Workshop vacations. Be part of a popular and inspiring art program. Teachers throughout Europe take on students of all levels and help them cultivate their creative side. This is an excellent way to meet other likeminded individuals on your travels and our Artwalks are hugely successful, with many guests returning time and time again. It is no coincidence that the company was voted best walking tour company by the Travel and Hospitality Awards in 2020!

The Blue Walk

Judges’ Feedback

  • Great range of tour options encompassing popular locations and unique experiences.
  • Excellent customers service; emphasis is on high quality small group encounters.
  • Superb online reviews and feedback.
The Blue WalkAddress: Nice, France
Phone: +39 345 707 9862
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