Teaching abroad can be a truly special experience for teachers. The act of teaching abroad offers a great opportunity to travel, learn about new cultures, give something back, learn a new language, make friends and most of all round yourself as human being. We’ve put together a few tips for those of you who decide you’d like to give teaching abroad a go.

Be Prepared

This may seem like an obvious one but there is a fair bit of preparation involved. Not just before you travel but also when you’re there. 

Prepare beforehand by making sure you have a job lined up, the correct certification, vaccinations, and visa. When you’re there be prepared with lesson plans and be prepared to vary those plans based on subject, class size and students. 

Put the Students First

To get the most out of this experience you simply need to put the students first. Make sure your motivated to teach for the right reason and not say to just have a holiday or travel. Your employers, colleagues and students will appreciate you more if you demonstrate you are committed and dedicated to providing the best possible education. Doing quality, meaningful work in the class room needs to be your main goal.

Learn to Adapt

If you haven’t worked abroad before or travelled of a significant amount at a time, then you’ll very much be in for a culture shock. The change from your ordinary day to day is so big that you’ll need time to settle in. This is completely normal so don’t worry, what more important is how you tackle this culture shock. 

You’ll need to learn how to adapt so that when you find your self in a similar situation in another place, you’ll know exactly what to do. Things you can do to adapt is learn about the local customs, make friends, get a basic understanding of the language, get involved with the community and keep a journal of your experience.

Teaching Abroad