A Simple Taxi Booking Service

Taxi Butler is the one-stop-shop taxi booking device that enables hospitality establishments like hotels, bars, and restaurants to order a taxi for their guests with just one simple click.

Taxi Butler

As a proprietor you need not worry about the quality of service from the taxi as only licensed taxi companies you trust can place the devices at your establishment. The device is compact, easy to use and allows for multiple taxis to be ordered from a single Taxi butler. You will also receive live updates, driver details, arrival time and have the option to cancel anytime if needs be.

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For a taxi company benefits of taxi butler are that it is directly connected to their dispatch system, it provides easier booking for loyal venues, allows venues to receive regular updates and complete control through an admin panel and management portal. Value for money is excellent and the monthly fee includes connectivity, guarantee and service.

Currently there are over 750 taxi companies and apps taking advantage of the fantastic taxi butler products and service. On average over 1.5 million taxis are booked every month in over 45 countries. Its fair to say if you’re a taxi company or run a private vehicle fleet then Taxi Butler will take your company to the next level.

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Judges’ Feedback

  • Innovative and user-friendly service that is an improvement on current e-hailing applications.
  • Superb online reviews and feedback, customers praise the devices uniqueness and professionalism of the team.
  • Excellent product design, the devices are company, simple, and on brand.

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