At Paddle Surf Zante, our team of experts are passionate about teaching you all you need to know to make the most of stand-up paddleboarding. Whether you are a complete beginner or simply need a little extra help mastering the techniques. We offer private group lessons as well as scheduled public group lessons and even private 1:1 tuition. We cover everything from ocean safety to proper stance and how to stroke and turn effectively.  

We strongly recommend joining us on one of our many guided tours and get fitter by taking in the stunning scenery our beautiful island has to offer. Our location at Alykes beach is the perfect spot for witnessing the famous Caretta Careta Turtles in their natural habitat.  Enjoy the beauty of the sunrise over Ionian Sea from your paddleboard or watch the sun slowly sink behind the hills and experience the water at night as it comes to life with LED lights strapped to your board. 

Choose our romantic full moon tours or opt for one of our many coastline tours and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Have a swim in healthy water at Xigia Beach, where collagen and sulphur pour down from the mountain into the sea.

Paddle to one of the best beaches in the world, the Navagio Shipwreck beach, where vestiges of the ship can be seen in middle of the large white sandy beach.

Our customers always remain highly satisfied and we are the proud winners of this year’s THA Awards for best Adventure Activity!

Stand Up Paddle Surf Zante

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent online reviews, positive feedback is focused mainly around a fun overall experience, great value for money and professional instructors.
  • Great range of tour opportunities, guests are treated to more than just a simple stand up paddle tour. This includes options such as sunrise, sunset, full moon and a glow night tours.
Stand Up Paddle Surf ZanteAddress: Alykes Beach, Zakinthos 290 90, Greece
Phone: +30 694 800 2870