The Algarve has long been considered one of the luxury capitals of Europe, it’s a popular destination for professional footballers, celebrities and affluents individuals. This is mainly because there is nothing quite as unique as the Algarve with its rich culinary heritage, stunning coastline, friendly inhabitants, and contrasting locales. If you find yourself planning a trip to the region and are wondering where to stay then we have the answer for you, Shantivillas.

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Founded back in 2016, Shantivillas has grown to become one of the premier Villa brokers in all of Portugal. The company was born out of a common issue for many travellers who were facing difficulty in finding a reputable and professional Villa provider who could source high quality, private and luxurious villas.

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Located only 20 minutes from Vilamoura, the Shantivillas portfolio includes 10 spectacular properties dotted around the region, all finished to an elegant and modern standard. The smallest of which is perfect for a small group of four and the largest able to accommodate a staggering 16 individuals.

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As a standard, all villas come with a private swimming pool, state-of-the-art kitchen, en suite bedrooms, free WIFI, and some even with a children’s pool. All properties are located only 40 minutes or so from Faro International airport with golf courses, the beach, and shopping outlets all nearby.

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To top this Shantivillas provide a whole host of services such as transfers, car rentals, a private chef, sightseeing tours, arrival orientation, grocery shopper, maid service and expert advice on the local area.

We have been lucky enough to sit down with the Operations Manager, Rui Manuel Grou, to talk a bit more about the company, himself and the challenges faced by the Covid pandemic.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I consider myself a very professional and dedicated person that does not stop until he gets what he wants. My friends usually say I am a loyal friend and that I have my ideals well defined. I see myself as detailed orientated with exceptional follow-through and the ability to plan and oversee a broad range of responsibilities from concept to successful execution. I am a visible and personally involved leader with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

I have worked in the Hospitality business for more than 17 years, in hotel operations as reception manager, spa manager, hotel assistant manager and as operations director in several 5-star environments.

When was Shantivillas founded and what was the thinking behind it?

Shantivillas was born at the beginning of 2016 to respond to those looking to enjoy quality holidays in the countryside, near the beach. We bet on prestigious tourism allied to a region known for its natural charms.  Located in the Algarve just 30 minutes west of Faro, the gateway to the Algarve.

Our villas are located in the tranquil southern region of Portugal and we offer a collection of hand-picked properties ideal for families or groups of friends travelling together, each of the 10 villas is individually designed and would make a stylish home from home for the holidays.

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What makes Shantivillas unique?

We have a handpicked collection of luxury villas are dotted around the region in the most rural, peaceful spots, each one offering sweeping countryside views, a heated outdoor pool and the utmost privacy as standard.

Whether the guest is looking for a grand property with spacious landscaped gardens or a comfortable yet elegant hideaway with a panoramic coastal backdrop, ShantiVillas’ unique portfolio is bound to have a villa to match your needs – ensuring the dreamiest Algarve escape.

Do you provide any extra services?

In addition to a standard villa rental, we offer a number of additional services allowing you to add those all-important extras to your stay, whether it’s a friendly welcome and orientation on your arrival or a private chef to cook a delicious dinner for you and your family. Shantivillas are ideal for family stays and a perfect complement to Luxury Tailor Made Travel; ask us to create a journey customized around the properties of your choice, complete with sightseeing, insider access, and expert local guides.

How many people can your largest villa accommodate?

Shantivillas presents an impeccable portfolio of luxury villas in the Portuguese village of Malhão, a destination famed for its authentic way of life. In particular, multigenerational families and groups will find the hand-picked properties – the largest of which accommodate up to 16 guests – perfectly suited to travel needs.

Discover here the holiday home that you have always dreamed of having.

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What challenges did the Covid-19 pandemic present and how did you overcome these?

The outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 represents an important and evolving challenge to the tourism sector. Containment of the pandemic is the top priority and the tourism sector is committed to supporting all measures taken to contain the epidemic.

Our true goal during this difficult time is to give value to our visitors and look for other tourism markets. The current ban on travels might contribute in the long run to the discovery of our World Heritage gems by the people living in our part of Europe. We are hoping for a quick ending to this situation, and that tourism will once again commence.

Where are most of your guests from? Do you have a target market?

In the last couple of years, we had guests mainly from the United Kingdom and a small number of national guests, but we have been working other markets such Germany, France, Spain. Last year for example with the Covid-19 pandemic we had more Portuguese guests looking for our product since the other guests had travel restrictions.

Your favourite holiday destination and why?

Travelling is one of the best ways to get away from the daily hustle-bustle. It gives me time and space to enjoy my passions and lets me spend some time with my family as well. Here are a few places in the world, that are simply my favourite places for holiday. However, I do enjoy travelling to new places, meeting new people and trying new cuisines.

  • Cape Verde;
  • Dominican Republic;
  • Formentera;

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent range of luxurious villas on offer, all consistent in terms of quality, facilities, and branding with varying in size based on the number of guests.
  • Professional service and positive approach as evidenced by several reviews and feedback from the TH Awards team.
  • User-friendly and informative site, visitors can easily find more information about all the villas on offer, get in touch and learn about the region.
  • Dedication to providing guests with a complete experience by the willingness to customise trips for extra activities and services such as private chefs, tours, transfers, and much

Contact Information

Shantivillas LogoAddress: Aldeamento do Malhão, 8200-484, Albufeira, Portugal
Phone: +351 289 362 131, +351 968984269
Email: [email protected]