Austria is a land of history, culture and culinary highlights and nowhere is this more apparent than the city of Salzburg. With Salzburg Experience, they will show you their favourite sights whilst telling you about the history, culture and culinary delights in this wonderful city.

With a variety of tours on offer such as a Bike & City Tour, Food Tasting Tour, Christmas Market Tour or your very own private tour amongst many more. Whichever you choose you will find out all the hidden gems of Salzburg.

The Bike Tour combines fun, adventure and history all in one. This tour can be enjoyed with your whole family and friends, as the bike ride isn’t too strenuous. A professional guide will lead you to some historical sites in the city centre and then you will explore even more of the surrounding areas of Salzburg. All the highlights can be found on this tour such as the Residenzplatz, the Salzburg Dom and the Mirabell Garden. The memorable tour will also take a ride along the River Salzach heading all the way to Palace Hellbrunn and Palace Leopoldskron. This is a picturesque tour that is broken up with small side roads with beautiful houses, gardens as well as some stunning views of the Alps.

Salzburg Experience

For those who want to take their time taking in the city, than a Private Walking Tour might be for you. This 3-hour tour offers an insiders view of the city from an extremely knowledgeable guide. One of Austria’s most famous sons, Mozart, was born in Salzburg and you can visit his birthplace and pay homage to the classical composer through this tour whilst also learning how he started his career. Listen out for tips on where to get food at some of the best authentic restaurants in the city, where you can sample some excellent local cuisine. Did you know that Salzburg gets its name from its nearby salt mines? On this tour you find out how this majestic city was built on salt!

If you want to explore the culinary delights of this city further then take up the option of a food tasting tour in Salzburg. One of the many reasons Salzburg is such a sought after destination is the food. On this tour you will have the chance to stop at major food markets, as well as artisanal shops to sample drinks, sweets and classic Austrian cuisine such as pumpkin seed sausages, mozartkugel (local chocolate), and dumpling. At the farmers market you can try seasonal vegetables, fruits, the local organic cheese, a traditional rye bread or famous pretzel. This is also a great opportunity to taste mountain spring water right from a fountain. After finishing this tour you will understand why Salzburg has the most active gourmet chefs and the highest density of organic farmers in Austria.

No matter which tour you do, Salzburg Experience has a mission to show each and every visitor to Salzburg the unique side of the city that not every tourist usually gets to see. They tell the story of the city through visits to museums, monuments and landscapes. Of course, taking in the well-known historical spots but you will also experience breath-taking drives to green and lush pastures, stunning countryside and also sampling the amazing culinary delights.