Salt Eldhus ehf offers you with the opportunity to immerse yourself into Icelandic cuisine, food traditions and culture through highly interactive cooking classes in the capital center of Iceland, Reykjavik. There are different types of activities that the company conducts to provide guests with an authentic Icelandic culinary experience.

Discover Icelandic Cuisine

If you’re on your way to Iceland, sign up for their popular, open ‘Cook and Dine’ class and enjoy and Icelandic cooking class, tasting session and gourmet lunch or dinner, all in one package. These culinary experiences are based on one primary moto, i.e. “Gastronomy is a great way to connect people.” With the objective of bringing families closer, the company organizes fun activities for friends and colleagues, making it ideal for team-building as well as fostering client relationships.

If you’re traveling in a group then this is a great activity for you. Salt Eldhus pride themselves for offering first class premises with an incredible view of the Reykjavik harbor side with great atmosphere, well-equipped kitchen and a charming dining area. The cooking classes are conducted by skilled and interactive professional chefs that guide you through each and every step. Their classic Icelandic-style of cooking class is ‘Icelandic Fish and Free Roaming Lamb.’

Salt Eldhus ehf

Combining a relaxed atmosphere and the personal approach of the chefs at hand, their main aim is to leave the guests with memorable culinary experiences. The ‘Cook and Dine’ class is an open class and is available as a lunch session, starting at 10:00 am in the morning. Further, it is also available as a dinner class, starting at 17:00 in the afternoon. Duration of the class is between 3 to 4 hours. The ‘Cook and Dine’ class is also available as a private class. 

Salt Eldhus was established back in 2012. Since then, they have been offering varied cooking classes to Icelanders and foreign visitors alike. They strive to keep their classes on top of current trends and offer classes that tend to cater to both, the beginners as well as the experienced guests. The classes are taught in Icelandic but they also offer English-speaking classes as per requirements.

The English-speaking classes are primarily focused on Nordic cuisine and Icelandic produce. The owner and CEO of the company herself, Mrs. Sigridur Bjork Bragadottir, is a chef, food writer and former editor-in-chief of the leading Icelandic food and wine magazine called Gestgiafinn. 

With such experienced staff and owner, this is the perfect place for tourists to get to know Icelandic cuisine in a more intimate manner and take back the memories and the recipes home so that they can relive their Iceland trip yet again! 

Salt Eldhus ehfAddress: Þórunnartún 2, Reykjavík, Iceland
Phone: +354 551 0171
Email:[email protected]