From vibrant cities to larger-than-life landscapes, electrifying festivals to outdoor adventures, let the places and people of Québec wash over you. Québec, a vast territory where the horizon goes on forever… With its many lakes and rivers and its generous nature close to the city, it offers a unique outdoors experience. By exploring Québec, travellers learn to let go and enjoy a renewed sense of freedom. By stepping out of their comfort zone and daring to try new things, they share special moments with passionate people. Follow their journey and experience Québec in all its grandeur.

Whether it’s a tranquil forest walk you’re seeking or a heart-pounding ride on a zipline—you’ll fall in love with its colourful landscapes over and over again. Its beauty transcends every season—unspoiled boreal forests, soaring fjords, glistening lakes, sandy beaches, and northern lights—providing diverse landscapes to explore, whether you live like a local or simply enjoy an invigorating day out.

Open markets, festivals, and gourmet events continue to inspire locals and tourists alike. Before indulging in this smorgasbord of delicious food, be sure to say Bon appétit! You can immerse yourself in nature through heart-pumping outdoor activities, no matter the season, or set foot in a luxurious resort and never want to leave! Let yourself go and let the outside in. With its rich Aboriginal heritage, Québec offers an unusual experience steeped in history and authenticity. Learn about the 11 distinct First Nations and be rewarded with the artistic expressions and deep knowledge of age-old cultures.