Mbeya is a small city in Southwest Tanzania surrounded by a range of high mountains. Virtually unknown before the 1930s, the city then became popular due to the nearby gold deposits. It currently functions as a business hub for the surrounding countries. Mbeya is the quintessential ‘off the beaten path’ destination in Tanzania, surrounded by stunning natural wonders and beautiful scenery. You can fly into Mbeya easily from Dar es Salaam or get there by bus if you don’t mind the long journey.

Though Mbeya’s centre is rather unassuming, the surrounding area has been called ‘the Scotland of Africa’, with heather and bracken cloaking the hillsides. The region is mountainous, with Loleza mountain towering over behind the town. There are over 10 dormant volcanic craters located in and around Mount Rungue, the tallest mountain in the area.

For outdoor enthusiast’s, Mbeya will not disappoint. There are numerous natural reserves and national parks to visit and plenty of available tour operators that can arrange day excursions and hiking trips. Witness the cosmic wonder of the Mbozi meteorite, one of the largest to have been found on earth weighing 12 metric tons. Get lost in the scenic fields of Kitulo national park and take in the view of the endless plains full of exquisite flowers and wildlife. A visit to Mbeya wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Ngozi crater lake, for a picnic looking over the captivating beauty of this ancient crater