Ride the Funiculars

The funiculars have become a common and popular site associated with Lisbon. Although popular with tourists, locals still use these as a mode of transport. Funiculars are used to get up and down the steepest hills (we’d recommend a nice refreshing stroll down). There are currently three funiculars operating in the city, the Ascensor da Bica, da Gloria and do Lavra.

Christ the King Statue

Like Christ the redeemer statue in Rio De Janiero. This stands at over 100 metres tall, 82 metres raised platform and 28 metres Christ statue. The grounds are free to visit, and you can pay for a lift to the top for breath-taking view of the city.

A wander around Alfama District

One of Lisbon’s oldest areas; the Moorish history of the city is still on display here. It’s steep and atmospheric streets are lined with cafes, restaurants and traditional craft shops. The famous tram number 28 runs through the district and offers great rest from wandering the irregular winding streets.

Take a Boat Tour

Boat trips along the river Tejo are very popular. There are several types available ranging from traditional boats to motor yachts. Popular excursions are dolphin watching, sunset cruises and tour of historic sites.

Belem Tower

Lisbon’s most recognisable attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A 16th century fortification that served as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. Entrance to the tower is via small bridge and it’s open to visitors all year round.