Lisbon’s most famous food export is the Pastel de Nata, a sweet custard tart and is a must eat in the city, ideally washed down with a cup of coffee.  

Past this the city is a culinary powerhouse with a prolific sea food scene. Lisbon’s position as a coastal city, and rich cultural heritage mean the sea food is always fresh, tasty and authentic. Grilled sardines with bread are a staple. Bacalhau à Brás, made with salted cod fish, onions and potatoes is a popular comfort food. The Polvo a lagareiro (an octopus dish) will leave you wanting more. And the shellfish and clams are some of the world’s best. The city’s signature dish however is the Lulas recheadas à lisbonense (stuffed squid of Lisbon style), basically a squid stuffed with a pan fried mixture of sausage, garlic and onions.

Petiscos are Portugals answer to Spanish tapas. Petiscos are small and delicious snacks served mainly in bars, common plates is octopus salad, cod fritters and snails.

Azeitao Cheese is a regional delicacy and one with a protected designation of origin status. Meaning it can only be officially produced in the town of Azeitao (25 miles east of Lisbon). Available in Lisbon’s markets this cheese is creamy and rich.

For a drink why not try a Vinho Verde, a wine served in slender green bottles, slightly fizzy and best enjoyed as an accompaniment to a seafood dish.