There is much to see and do in Las Vegas, why not consider a walking tour? Las Vegas Walking Tours are fun, affordable, informative and quite possibly the best travel activity! Walking tours accommodate families, couples and even the single adventurous traveler while offering the opportunity to meet other travelers from around the world and possibly even make new friends.

 Let Las Vegas Walking Tours take you on a journey through Downtown Las Vegas that you can’t get from a car. See Vegas like you’ve never seen before or didn’t know existed as local residents and Vegas historians share their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm of fabulous Viva Las Vegas! The Learn about, see and visit some of the many reasons Downtown Las Vegas is again a vibrant, top attraction in the country today – Home to legendary casinos, hotels, wedding chapels, bars, and even reality TV stars.

 You have the choice of two walking tours, the first Downtown Las Vegas – Fremont Street. This is a 2-Hour guided tour where you will see Las Vegas like you’ve never seen before. Walk from past to present, hear the stories and see for yourself how this magical city got it’s start, how Fremont Street became one of the most pictured and storied thoroughfares in the world and Fremont East in Downtown Las Vegas a present-day jewel of urban renewal.

The second tour ‘Fremont after Dark’, an oasis of adult-minded fun, Fremont Street is known around the world for its twinkling bulbs, colorful neon tubes, casinos, gambling, outlandish attractions, party atmosphere, and other amusements befitting the birthplace of a city known as ‘Sin City’. Grab a cocktail then meet your guide at the very point where Las Vegas began where you’ll be outfitted with your own personal ear monitor with separate volume control to ensure you’ll hear your guides every word. Colorful stories and fun facts will lead you on a journey down Fremont Street that will take you from the very first days of Las Vegas, through the pinnacle casino years, to the excitingly new and revitalized ‘Greenwich Village’ of Las Vegas, Fremont East.

Las Vegas Walking Tours

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