The second largest of the Dodecanese and a very special island. Thirty miles long and seven-foot-wide, Karpathos has a traditional sleepy atmosphere with a low key vibe and rugged backdrop of pine forests and jagged peaks.  Karpathos is a sanctuary for those seeking peace and quiet, with a quaint village atmosphere and draw dropping views across the Aegean See.

A climb to the ancient village of Olympos, only recently accessible by car, situated 7 kilometres high up in the mountains to experience literally a living museum where time has stood still for over 100 years.  The women still wear the traditional clothing and speak in the old dialect, where the Greek legendary hospitality still exists, food and crafts are produced using time honoured methods and, most importantly, the area is unspoilt by tourism.  



The beaches are certainly hidden gems, some are only accessible by boat, ensuring pristine sand and crystalline waters perfect for snorkelling and also surfing is a very popular sport.  

Diafani is the town located on the north of the island and boasts the second biggest port.  The town lacks that tourist resort atmosphere often found on the Greek islands, but there are a number of café bars to indulge in a thick Greek cup of coffee and mix with the friendly locals and take part in the lively conversation known as kouvenda whilst listening to live Greek music.

Local cuisine includes homemade makarounes, a plate of delicious pasta with caramelised onions, and melitzanes paoutsakia, stuffed aubergine with garlic and freshly made tomato sauce.  Fresh bread made in the time honoured method using the local windmills to grind the barley.