The Home of Natural Beauty

Aotearoa, home of unparallel natural beauty. Straddled between two tectonic plates, New Zealand erupted from the South Pacific Ocean to boast some of the richest and most contrasting landscapes in the world, which complements the peaceful and invigorating air that flows from north to south.

This is the land of Fjordland and its magnificent crags and intrinsic inlets; cosmopolitan Auckland, where you can dive into rich Indian dishes while tasting some of the South Island’s best Sauvignon Blancs; the wilderness of the Abel Tasman National Park; the grandness of Lake Taupo and Rotorua; the beautiful beaches of Coromandel; the mysticism of Cape Reinga; and the bustling mountain life of Queensland and Wanaka.

In the past, New Zealand’s secludedness has been a burden; now it works as a trigger for the local biodiversity to thrive and for people to understand and appreciate the importance of this natural treasure. The country’s developed infra-structure and tourist-friendly culture make it easy for foreigners to indulge in its captivating atmosphere, with most popular destinations being accessible within a 2-3 hour drive from each other. New Zealand’s capital, Auckland, is often the gateway to the rest of the country, from where most places can be reached by bus or car, with the option to fly to other major cities as a means of speeding up long distance journeys.

There is little that New Zealand lacks and whatever it is that you may be looking for – natural beauty, adventure, quietude, gastronomy, culture, or simply to get away from comfort – it has the power to bring you closer to your own essence. And it does so with an utter welcome and a big Kia Ora.