Looking for premium and high quality transportation services? Look no further than Hercex Zagreb. A luxury tour company that was established with the objective of becoming a valuable addition to the transportation market, Hercex Zagreb has been upgrading its fleet with premium vehicles for the past twenty years. They have gone on to include excursions, trips and special amenities for their customers through their various offerings.

Travel Lavishly

The company is built upon the fundamental principle of listening to the different needs of their customers to provide them with more than just regular transportation. Not only have they spent years traversing Croatian roads, but they have – with time – mastered the art of tailoring trips as per the need of the customers.

The company offers a range of services, including airport transportation, business meetings, rental vehicles and business transportations. Whether you require transportation from and to the airport or wish to arrive on time for a meeting with a business partner – the services are customized for all. You can rent your desired vehicles and arrive at your location on time. You can also ensure reliable and high-quality transportation for your partners and employees alike. Cars are made available as per the occasion. However, the client is free to choose from the options offered by the company.

Hercex Zagreb

Hercex Zagreb

The company offers premium vehicles such as Mercedes Benz E class. It can transport a maximum of three persons. You are free to carry two to three large suitcases and one to two pieces of hand luggage. The seatings are pure leather and of course, it includes air conditioning. The seats are comfortable with tinted windows for maximum privacy. The seat heating system ensures that the traveler experiences comfort and convenience. For entertainment, there’s the DVD system playing your preferred music and you also get unlimited use of Wi-Fi.

Similarly, there’s another alternative for you wherein you can travel by the Mercedes Benz S class, which goes on to include all the facilities that Mercedes Benz E class does. However, there are a few exciting additions to this offer. For instance, along with the tinted windows, you can enjoy electric window blinds. There are wine/water refrigerators, absolutely free for you to use as well. The Mercedes Benz V-class is a spacious car which can carry a maximum of seven persons. The travellers are free to carry seven suitcases and three to four pieces of hand luggages. Air conditioning and ergonomic seats ensure that the travellers have a fresh experience. For bigger groups they also offer Mercedes Sprinter 519 VIP.

Explore some of the most beautiful locations in Croatia with the assistance of the luxury tour company. Spend the day vigorously exploring beautiful cities. Often when you go on a one-day excursion to a new city or place, you don’t have enough time for sightseeing and visiting interesting locations. This is exactly what Hercex Zagreb specializes in. They ensure safe and high quality transportation through the city and provide you with the opportunity to visit all the sightseeing spots and have an unforgettable excursion.

Address:Ulica Bozidara Magovca 153, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +385 91 6013 777