Nestled in a serene corner of the southern part of Xante island, Hanne Mi’s Ceramic Art Studio is surrounded by an endless expanse of olive groves. A perfect sanctuary for visitors interested in the art of Ceramics, her stone house studio also contains a showroom in which she showcases all her unique designs. She has a wide range of products available for sale including tableware for everyday use, sculptures, tiles for the bathroom and kitchen, sinks, and fountains all made of high-quality stoneware. Hailing originally from Norway, her style is gently inspired by the simplicity of her homeland and combined with warmer Mediterranean temperament and colours.

Hanne holds an Open Day workshop every Tuesday and Friday when guests are invited to just drop by and have a try on the pottery wheel. No previous experience necessary, just come as you are and get in touch with your creative side! Design your very own clay pots and paint them exactly as you wish. Children are welcome and this is, in fact, a very family-friendly activity. Hanne also offers private pottery lessons for up to three people. This is an intimate and intensive class for those interested in a more in-depth understanding of the art of Pottery. Group lessons can also be arranged. Visitors are welcome to take their creations with them or have them shipped back home for a small fee. 

This is definitely an experience worth trying. Be prepared to be mesmerised by the creative magic of the pottery wheel!

Hanne Mi S. Ceramic Art Studio - Copy

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent leadership; Hanne Mi’s experience, knowledge and friendly approach are invaluable.
  • Great workshop options; customers can choose from open group lessons to private more specific sessions.
  • Superb focus on locality, the ceramics reflect the vibrancy and flavour of Mediterranean Greece.
Hanne Mi S. Ceramic Art Studio - CopyAddress: Vassilikos, Vasilikos 291 00 Greece
Phone: +30 697 352 981