Extended stay hotels have come a long way in recent years and are rapidly gaining recognition as a specialized segment in the hospitality industry.

Gearco develops products to enable owners and their teams to manage guest operations, drive revenue, and control risk for long-term true extended stay properties. Our solutions are about elevating extended stay operations to meet the market demands and operational needs, as well as excelling in compliance requirements related to operations, taxes, or other local government regulations.

Our customers are true extended stay hotels where guests stay anywhere from seven nights to forever. Due to that, our customers are faced with very different operational and compliance challenges because they border between lodging and housing ordinances.

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Due to an extensive 90+ day average length of stay, extended stays are more Operationally focused (SOP) than Sales focused (S&OP). So, we invest heavily in closing the SOP policy gap by deploying automated solutions to improve how the frontdesk services customers as well as the property itself.

The front-desks are able to handle day-to-day business functions like property revenue collection, customer transactions, security control, inventory management, maintenance tasks, tax tracking, daily audits, and more through our automated controls and workflows.

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While the industry is adjusting to the trends that are impacting guests during a pandemic, our continued growth allows us to function as a well-oiled machine to provide them the strength, tools, and dedicated team members who are experts at product delivery with automation, industry knowledge, and solutions for success.

After 20+ years of dedication to the extended stay industry, we get it. Not only do we understand what makes this industry function, we also know what it will take to continually meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

Judges’ Feedback

  • Despite being in the industry for over 20 years you have a positive, progressive, and innovative approach
  • Excellent range of systems and solutions all geared towards the hospitality industry.
  • Superb online reviews: customer service, value for money and user friendliness are all routinely praised.

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