Gracefully nestled away near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands of Spain are known for their culture, cuisine and natural beauty. Imagine exploring the remotest spots of this region with an eBike! eBike-Mallorca works towards ensuring that this vision turns into a memorable reality for you. Enjoy the scent of the pine forests and the beauty of the countless olive and orange groves on a sporty ebike.

Biking Adventures!

The company has made customized arrangement for all types of moods. You can opt to choose from the following types of bikes as per your requirement: the ‘Relaxed’ Kridler Vitality Eco 3, the ‘Sporty’ Haibike XDURO Cross 5.0 2018, the ‘Mountain’ Haibike SDURO FullSeven LT 7.0 2018 and the ‘Race’ Haibike XDURO Race S 6.0. Each of these bikes have different specifications, which are ideal for various situations. Whether you want to cycle relaxed over the promenades of Mallorca or plan a challenging tour offroad, you can rent the latest and the best of eBikes for your travels.

The idea of providing eBikes on rent stems from the effort of ensuring that cyclists experience the island in the best manner possible. A rich vegetation awaits you with more than 1500 flowering plants from daisies, poppies, oleanders, hibiscus, gladiolas to more than 100 orchid species. However, the most wonderful time to explore it is during the beginning of the cycling season when the almond blossoms. Anyone visiting Mallorca should take the opportunity to explore the extraordinary nature by bike. The landscape of Mallorca is known for its enormous diversity. Be it flat plains, gentle hills or crisp mountain tops, there’s a varied range of cycling area for all guests.



You can rent an eBike all for yourself to explore the island at your own pace. All you need to do is get in touch with them or even book the bike directly from their website! You can pick up the bike from 6 spots in Mallorca and simply ride away. Or you can have the eBike delivered to your accommodation as well! If you wish to have a guided tour, they have special eBike tours that will take you around and show you the very best that Mallorca has to offer.

The company commits itself to providing quality services to all of its guests. For this purpose, they rely on the proven BOSCH technology and their partner, Haibike. They employ bikes that feature balanced riding characteristics for a wide range of applications.

They recently introduced a new category called the ‘Race Flat Bar.’ The eBike combines speedy, sporty driving pleasure with a comfortable seating position. Here all the positive characteristics of a racing bike are combined into one eBike with a pleasant sitting position and straight handlebars. The absence of a classic racing handlebar makes the bike much more comfortable and therefore also very well suited for sporty older riders or sporty riders without racing experience. All eBikes are equipped with fresh 500Wh rechargeable batteries and BOSCH Performance CX motors, thus optimal ranges and maximum riding fun are guaranteed.

The company pays special attention to highlighted events of the island. For instance, the traditional ‘Festa Des Vermar’ festival took place recently in the wine capital of Mallorca, Binissalem. The area has 16 wineries, known as Bodegas, which produce approximately 2 million litres of wine per year. Binissalem celebrates a wonderful wine festival in September after the grape harvest. The festival is held every day from the middle to the end of the month. The streets are traditionally decorated, with processions, music and dancing events being celebrated. Eating is done together on long tables under the open sky in the alleys of the beautiful village. There’s no better way to enjoy this festival than through eBikes.

A small wine fair is held as part of the “Festa des Vermar”, where Mallorcan wines can be tasted and purchased at various stands by local producers. Grape betting is particularly popular. The freshly harvested grapes of the Manto Negro or Prensal Blanc grape varieties are trampled underfoot on the church square as part of a traditional competition. Several groups of four crush the harvest in wooden vats. Whoever has “produced” the largest amount of must after the expiration of the time has won the competition.

The company organizes a stay of several days with extensive eBike tours through the vineyards. The trip consists of an overnight stay at Bodega, a country hotel or a finca hotel in and around Binissalem. This can give you an intimate experience of the festival as well! eBike-Mallorca makes sure that every bit of your biking experience is nothing short of extraordinary and adds that fun factor to your vacation.

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