Doha is undoubtedly a cultural hub. Dedication to maintaining a broad cultural identity is a key component of the ruling party. 

Here are our top three cultural attractions.

Museum of Islamic Art

Explore the worlds leading collection of Islamic art. With pieces spread from over 14 centuries this museum is not one to be missed. The location, stunning exterior and view from the Alain Ducasse restaurant are reasons enough to visit let alone the vast art collection.

Katara Cultural Village

Arguably the centre of Doha’s cultural and art scene. This village is jam packed fully of world class restaurants, street food stalls, beautiful mosques, artist workspaces, photography studios and a spectacular marble amphitheatre.

The waterfront location makes for a pleasant place for an evening stroll to take in the beautiful lights of Doha.

Qatar National Library

One of the most remarkable libraries in the world. With a collection of over 1 million books this library is well worth a visit. Its designed to look like two pieces of paper being pulled apart and folded, you won’t be disappointed by the photo opportunity.