An archipelago ripe for discovery, Vanuatu has it all, pristine beaches, remote islands and a culture that dates back centuries. It is a region ripe for discovery. If you have a sense of adventure, then book a tour with Couleurs des iles, a locally owned tour company that has more than 10 years experience in the tourism industry. With a whole host of packages available, you can experience the true beauty of Vanuatu and get lost in its majesty. Coulers des iles are bilingual (French and English) and can provide personalized tours to suit your holiday here. Choose from one of the many packages or, you can even design your own tour.

Couleurs des iles

To take the stress out of your travels, Couleurs des iles does an airport “meet ‘n greet”, as well as providing transfers.  As they are experts on the region, they are also able to arrange hotel bookings, just let them know where you want to stay and what kind of accommodation you are looking for and they will find the perfect match to suit your tastes.

What separates Couleurs des iles from other tour operators in the region is that they offer full day round island tours and half-day tours. No visit to Vanuatu is complete without a stop off at the world famous Cascades Waterfall. Couleurs des iles can arrange tours here allowing you take in the beauty of this stunning piece of nature. Not only that, they can arrange fishing tours, snorkelling tours, museum tours, kava tours, cultural village tours and city tours as well as full day cruises and sunset cruises.  They truly have everything covered here and if you want to get a full experience of what Vanuatu has to offer than take up the chance to tour with Couleurs des iles.

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellent range of pre-set tour options to suit the needs of most as well as the ability to design your own tour
  • Superb online reviews, visitors are pleased with the service, local knowledge of the guides and the overall experience
  • Owners are experience, local, bi-lingual and can also help arrange accommodation. Visitors are in good hands.
Couleurs des ilesAddress: Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone: (678) 591 5510