One of the largest transportation companies in Switzerland, BLS Schifffahrt is the second largest suburban railway network in the country. However, their transportation services are not only limited to rail transportation but they also have car and bus transportation networks. You could also take a cruise on Lakes Thun and Brienz with BLS. So, whether you wish to see Switzerland from land, water or even from railways, you can do it all with them. If you were wondering that they are just another transportation company, you are wrong. BLS also provides tours and excursions to various attractions of the country with all inclusive packages. Not only do they show you the country but also take you back into the history of the company itself which is more than hundred and eighty years old. They also offer cargo services through Alps.

Address: Lachenweg 19, 3601 Thun, Switzerland
Phone: +41 58 327 48 11