Berg Reiser is an innovative Travel Agent idea currently pioneered in Oslo, Norway. It is a fantastic way to explore the surrounding area and become intimately close with the spectacular natural beauty the country has to offer. The company offers a very personable introduction to the city of Oslo and prides itself in employing greener ways of transportation, using trains, trams and buses. Berg Reiser can organise travel arrangements for individuals, groups and entire teams.  

A local guide can meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel, then together you can design your adventure. We offer a unique one-day tour of Oslo, where we take you around some of the most important sights and landmarks the city has to offer.

This is a private tour limited to 3 people only so expect an unprecedented level of intimacy and detail. Visit the top of the beautiful Opera for some breath-taking panoramic views of the city, learn about the art pieces of Ekeberg Sculpture Park and a short ferry trip to the fortress of Oscarsbor, where tour guides will help you immerse yourself in historical facts. Finally, you can finish the tour by paying Santa Claus a visit at his very own home in Drøbak- and feel free to send a letter back home with Santa’s official stamp!

The company also offers amazing tours of the scenic fjords and mountain areas which include accommodation arrangements and breakfast. They are happy to tailor their service to meet your specific needs

Berg Reiser

Judges’ Feedback

  • Excellence in organising personalised trips with experienced professionals and minimal hassle.
  • Outstanding customer service.
Berg ReiserAddress: Oestensjoeveien 34, Oslo 0667 Norway
Phone: +47 91 79 00 85
Email: [email protected]