With so many places to see, it can be hard to know which ones to do. Take the famous Australian Outback – the largest part of Australia. It’s hard to pin down exactly how big the vast region is. The simple facts are that it’s sparsely populated, located inland and is one of the most captivating regions in the world. Where do you start? Then there is the captivating waters that surround this giant continent, and then you have incredible jungles and rainforests that can be found inland.

Here are favourite destinations that we believe are must sees that are often missed out by people:

Mount Ive Station

Fancy an authentic outback experience? Look no further than Mt Ive Station in South Australia, 6 hours North of Adelaide – this is an opportunity to discover the true beauty of the outback. This really is a chance for an authentic experience where you’ll find all you need at their Shearing Quarters and can take the opportunity to explore a little of the awesome property with its scenery and history.

Less is more out here. Electricity comes from a solar power system with generator backup, (which automatically comes on when the batteries are low). Drinking water is available from the tanks at the far end of the stone hut. A truly, minimalist  but rewarding experience. They even have a bar too! This is a family owned property consisting of around 250,000 acres or just under 900000 Sq Kms.

Authentic Australia

Ningaloo Reef

Everyone in the world has heard of the Great Barrier Reef. It truly is one of the planet’s greatest natural wonders. But not many people know about the less frequented, yet just as magical – Ningaloo Reef. Found on the Western Side of Australia here you will find whale sharks, turtles, dolphins and manta rays and if you are lucky, humpback whales can all be discovered here. This area is largely unspoilt thanks to all the attention the Eastern side of the country gets, so if you want a truly memorable underwater experience, head to Ningaloo Reef.

Kakadu National Park

Another area of Australia that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves is the Northern Territory. One immense highlight of this particular region is Kakadu National Park. Covering a territory roughly half the size of Switzerland, this is an area abundant with wildlife and natural wonders. Not only is its nature deeply alluring but it has a history that is fascinating too, with a past that is steeped in aboriginal heritage. It is thought that they have live here for 65 000 years, the oldest living culture on earth.

The history of the region can be seen today in rock art in the form of paintings at Nanguluwur, which tell the stories of the first ships that brought Europeans to the land. Look out for the crocodiles that lurk in the wetlands found in the park, it is thought there are more than 10 000 here, a staggering amount but just goes to show what an amazing spot this National Park really is.