In a remote and beautiful part of Eastern Iceland lies Álfheimar, a country hotel with 32 rooms all with their own ensuite bathroom. The complex is positioned next to the sea, with spectacular views over the ocean. A delicious breakfast buffet is included in the room price.
The hotel is located in Borgarfjörður eystri, an authentic fishing village with a population of only 130 people! Here you get to experience the way of life that is vastly different from being on the mainland. The locals are known for their warm manner and wholehearted hospitality and they love showing visitors how they spent their days. The area has an abundance of natural beauty completely untouched by mass tourism.
What makes Álfheimar special is close proximity to the puffins. If you come in the summer, you will certainly get up close and personal with thousands of birds who come to the area each year to nest. Thanks to wooden platforms and a shelter this place has become a true puffin paradise.

It’s no question that nature makes this place unforgettable but so do the people. Expect to enjoy magnificent views of deep fjords and imposing mountains and go on the lookout for the mystic elf settlements and you get to experience local folklore firsthand. Head to the black sand beaches and feel at awe by the glorious glacier structures and then come back to the hotel to enjoy a hearty homemade dinner.

This off-the-beaten-path hotel offers not only splendid sights but an invitation for you to truly enjoy yourself and to feel at home.

Álfheimar Country Hotel

Judges’ Feedback

  • The on-site restaurant and hiking tours means guest can enjoy a complete experience organised direct from the property.
  • Great location, perfect for enjoying country pursuits.
  • Excellent value for money, for a very reason price guests can expect rooms that are comfortable, spacious, clean and family friendly.
  • Outstanding professionalism as evidenced by the positive feedback in the last 12 months from the team here at TH Awards.
Álfheimar Country HotelAddress: V/Merkisveg, Borgarfirdi Eystra, 720 Borgarfjörður Eystri, Iceland
Phone: +354 861 3677
Email: [email protected]