A villa hotel can be broken down into two distinct categories. The first is former villa or private residence converted to a boutique hotel and the second is a hotel style establishment that offers private villas as accommodation and are also known as Villa Resorts. 

Converted Villa to Boutique Hotel

Properties such as this offer a fantastic opportunity to experience the personality and theme of a private villa without the high prices. Converted villas usually retain the character and charm the building once had and experiences like this are not be missed. Great examples of villa conversions include vineyards, small palaces, historic stately residences and museums.

These places tend to have a small number of rooms and can offer a better staff to guest ratio leading to a more personalised experience. Facilities such as pools, gyms and lounge areas are all normally still available.

Villa Resorts

A very popular option and by far the best solution for those looking for a hotel style service with the experience, privacy and space of a personal villa. These types of Villas are usually found as part of resorts and make up the high-end slot of accommodation options. They’re normally 2 bedrooms, come with swimming pool, out living space and top of the range amenities. In some cases, a private butler or concierge may be assigned to the villa.

This concept has been taken further with recent advent of water villas, underwater Villas and floating villas to give visitors the ultimate luxury experience.

Villa Hotel