About the Awards


Open Nominations
(Nominations submitted by subscribers, travel journalists, the research team and those that have self nominated via our website)

Nominees notification and opt-in to Judging process
(Nominees will be contacted via email to ensure that they are happy to be included in the process. Nominees are given the opportunity to provide information and submit materials to support their case)

Information gather for judges considerations
(Questionnaires will be will be made available to judges along with any other information gathered from review sites, social media and relevant web pages. A follow up nomination call may also be required)

Judging process and Winners contact
(Judges will deliberate, up to 10 companies can compete for any given category and all winners are considered for any categories they’ve ticked on the nomination form.  All winners will be contacted directly and will need to accept their award win. Failure to adequately accept may result in the award being passed onto the runner up)

Final announcement and release of winners publication
(All of our winners will be announced on the website)

2020 Awards

For our 2020 awards we are looking to commemorate those that have excelled in our annual awards program. This year we will be extending our coverage looking to new sectors and at more regions than before. All of our shortlisted finalists will be contacted in the coming weeks as our assessment beings. Each winner will be notified and listed on our winners page with extended coverage detailing the achievements of a number of our winners.

Any enquirers regarding our awards program can be directed to [email protected] If you would like to nominate a firm or individual or would like to be nominated yourself please visit the voting section of our site.

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