New Zealand is a land filled with an abundance of natural attractions. The country’s second longest river – the Whanganui River, which is over 300 kilometers long, is among the most sought-after tourist attractions. Its tributaries are located high on the Volcanic Plateau in the middle of the North Island and the river flows out to the Tasman Sea at the city of Whanganui. The destination is apt for those looking to indulge in adventure sports and an eco-friendly tour company that goes by the name of Whanganui River Adventures facilitates just that. 

The tour company offers several adventure trips including The Bridge To Nowhere, a trip to a historic bridge tucked away in the midst of a forest. You can opt for the Manganui O Te Ao River trip as well, which takes you up to the popular ‘Drop Scene’ area of the river. The area houses three caves. The unique name originates from the musical hall days of the 1900’s. The tour company also offers a One-Dayer adventure, which starts with the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ and then takes you on a jet boat ride back down to the river. It is a 22-kilometer long ride, guided by experts. You can even choose to do an unguided canoe or kayaking activity or explore the Pipiriki stopping along the way. Those who are interested in spending a night in the region can choose the Overnighter package. Enjoy listening to the history of New Zealand on a jet boat trip, followed by a walk to the Bridge to Nowhere. The journey concludes with you paddling down from the Whanganui River, all the way till Tieke Kainga hut. 

Whanganui River Adventures

The river itself has spectacular scenery. Situated in the North of Pipiriki, it passes through a series of narrow gorges set amidst lush native forests. It is marked as an important cultural trip in New Zealand as the river was historically used by the local Māori as a highway, food source, playground, and a spiritual home. A well-known whakataukī (proverb) describes the space perfectly, i.e. ‘Ko au te awa ko te awa ko au,’ which means, ‘I am the river; the river is me.’ And with Whanganui River Adventures, you can truly live the river experience!

Judges’ Feedback

  • Comprehensive set of tours on offer. Visitors can choose from smaller trips to bigger options that include a combination of jet boat, canoeing, kayaking and hiking 
  • Excellent local knowledge; the owners are well trained & experienced, from the local area and committed to providing authentic and engaging trips 
  • Amazing online reviews, guests are generally pleased with the tours, the scenery, informative and professional service as well as the dedication of the owners to their craft 
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