Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it routinely makes the top 10 in most visited countries globally. The diverse landscape and warm weather combined with affordability means it’s no surprise that one of the most common reasons to visit is a wellness break.  There are several different aspects to a wellness holiday, the country is home to grand luxurious spa’s resorts, local spas, tourist medical centres, fitness camps, yoga sanctuaries detox retreats and historic meditation centres.

A common practice for those visiting Thailand on a wellness break is to stay in speciality centres. These are unique experiences and come in forms. One can find yoga sanctuaries, detox and fitness retreats and unique to Thailand, Muay Thai Camps. These places offer a great opportunity to really immerse yourself with your chosen activity and meet like-minded people. A big benefit is that the centres can arrange accommodation, tailored meals, transfers, visits to local attractions and outside activities. 

Thailand boasts hundreds of luxury spa resorts and pamper spas. The high-quality service, on site accommodation and affordability means most people will visit multiple times for a spa break. Thai massages are renowned the world over. One fantastic option is the Jumeirah Luxury Spa in Pattaya, a travel and hospitality award winner. Another great option is the secluded and luxurious Sri Panwa resort home to the world class Cool Spa.