For most Nigeria may be a surprise inclusion on this list. The country itself doesn’t make the list of top five most visited African countries let alone the world. However, once you scratch the surface you realise Nigeria is the hidden gem of the wellness holiday scene.

Whether you are looking for a serene and rejuvenating massage session, a fitness centre or are visiting for medical tourism, there are numerous luxurious & boutique spas, yoga camps, gyms, hospitals and pharmacies in all regions of the country. 

Nigeria offers countless health and beauty options. One such fantastic option is travel and hospitality award winner Biyou Spa (profiled on the next page), where you’ll find all your needs taken care of. They offer numerous packages, treatments and even an on-site health bistro.

Biyou Spa is a women’s only establishment so if in Lagos and need a place that also caters to men then look no further than the luxury Wheatbaker hotel. The hotel is home to a high-quality spa that offers a range of high-quality therapies.

A big draw with Nigeria is the prices. In general, it’s an inexpensive country to visit and is ideal for those looking for value from their wellness holiday.