Visiting Langenlois means getting to know the charming essence of the Kamp Valley. To discover a place whose gently contoured vineyards, gorgeous gardens and diversified architecture court the senses of its visitors.

The WINE TRAIL Langenlois leads through the famous Langenlois vineyard sites Dechant, Käferberg, Steinhaus and Schenkenbichl, taking you on a journey of discovery into the exciting and challenging ‘vineyard workplace’. It lets visitors immerse themselves into the everyday life and minds of the winemakers, thereby revealing what constitutes the work, joys and concerns of a winemaker’s life.

Weinweg Langenlois

Visitors get to know the Kamp Valley wine region, the Langenlois winemakers and wines, while learning all kinds of interesting facts about vine cultivation. The vineyard topics are illustrated by some spectacular installations and sculptures such as a metre long earthworm burrowing through the vineyard soil which accompanies the topic ‘tillage’, a ‘giant pupitre’ which becomes a viewing platform, or a swing that invites you to monitor the weather and many more.

The ‘wine safes’ are a special extra for wine hikers. In three vineyard huts along the route, well-chilled wines are available for tasting. The rental key to open those ‘wine safes’ as well as tasting sets – convenient shoulder bags with Riedel glasses and a wine trail book – are available at the starting points for a fee.

Judges’ Feedback

  • Outstanding centre for wine lovers, visitors can expect to taste several wines from up to 58 different wine growers of the Kamptal region 
  • Excellent customer service, staff are friendly, welcoming and helpful.
  • Great range of services which aren’t limited to wine tasting, Ursin Haus can take care of accommodation needs, bike rental and keep you up to date on any local events. 
Weinweg LangenloisAddress: Loisium-Allee, 3550 Langenlois, Austria
Phone: +43 2734 2000