Next time you visit beautiful Portugal, ensure you make the most of your time there by getting in touch with Week Break Tours. The company offers an excellent choice of tours and experiences and all the guides and drivers have extensive knowledge of the country and its culture so it would be hard not to find something that takes your fancy. Based in Lisbon, Week Break Tours offer short trips, day and night tours, multi-day tours as well as other exciting activities, always conducted in small and private groups for an intimate experience. 

If you’ve only got a few hours to spare, take one of the quick tours around the city and enjoy modern Lisbon in all its glory. The half-day tours are one of the most popular ones and really let you discover what makes Lisbon one of the most enjoyable travel destinations in Europe.

For maximum enjoyment, pick one of the numerous day or multiday tour itineraries, including visiting the lesser crowded areas of Évora, Fatima, Tomar and Setubal. You can visit the local wineries at Azeitão and taste some of their produce, while dwelling into the beautiful landscapes and beaches of the Arrabida Mountain, visit the magnificent Sanctuary of Fatima or choose to explore Tomar and the secrests of the Templar Knights. The company also offers popular multi-day trips where you can combine visits to some of the best attractions in Lisbon and the surrounding areas, or just make a longer trip along the marvelous landscapes of the genuine Portugal like the Douro Valley, the old medieval villages and castles or the hundreds of wineries along the country to make the experience completely unforgettable. If you’re not sure what are the best places to see or visit, Week Break Tours will customize a program specially for you dedicated to your preferences. 

Whatever your choice is, tour guides are passionate about the culture and history of Portugal and will go to great lengths to ensure your utmost comfort.

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