WeBee is a brand new Hotel solution that aims to strengthen Guest engagement. Specifically designed to take into account the busy rhythm of modern day life, WeBee does away with the middleman. It is no longer necessary for Guests to queue endlessly simply to check in their rooms. Remote check-in and keyless entry are just two of the many technological innovations available. WeBee makes it possible to interact with guests in real-time during all stages of their journey.

From laundry requests, to room service and wake up calls, all is done via the App at the click of a button. Perfect for hardworking business people or tired visitors who want the smoothest experience possible. The App is extremely intuitive making it easy and stress-free to use for both staff and guests.  

WeBee gives Hotel Managers the ability to tailor-make interventions based specifically on their guests’ wishes and behaviours.  Guests can receive targeted offers and suggestions at any time during their stay and can modify those using the versatile platform from their phone, tablet or desktop.

Satisfied customers leave satisfied reviews. WeBee mid-stay surveys ensure that your guest is completely pleased with the service they are receiving before it is time to check out. If anything is flagged-up as substandard, staff have the chance to rectify the situation immediately. This shows excellent customer service skills and improves the bond with the guest. Post check-out guests have the option to stay in touch via the app, increasing the likelihood of future engagement. 


Judges’ Feedback

  • A user friendly, well designed and informative app that provides genuine real time benefits for hotels 
  • Excellent online ratings 
  • Proven track record and monetary value. Hotels have showcased increased earnings and decrease in travel agency commissions
webeeWebsite: http://www.getwebee.com/