For a lot of us part of the attraction to volunteering is the prospect of travelling and seeing the world. But traditionally when you volunteer you only ever travel to the one place and can explore the surrounding area which may be fine for some but not others. Now however with the advent of social media and digital networking there is a way to travel regularly to new places and continually volunteer. It’s simple, as a volunteer you agree to contribute an amount of time per day to working at say a hostel, in exchange for lodging and sometimes even food which is provided by the host. You get all the benefits of volunteering and at the same time can visit more new places in one single trip. 

The extent to what you’ll receive depends on where you volunteer homestays for example are more likely to include full room and board whereas hostels may only include room and breakfast. The kind of work varies you could be as an extra pair of hands on a small farm in the middle of nowhere to doing maintenance work at city hostel to collecting wild mushrooms in a forest.

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