“More Than Just a Spa, an IntraSpa”

In the hustle and bustle of Mexico City the Vitalí Clinica Spa is a quiet, calming, and nurturing oasis, providing a wellbeing service like no other, and dedication to a craft that is unrivaled. Located in the Cuauhtémoc district, known as the heart of the city, the Vitalí Clinica Spa offers services that go beyond a spa, known as an IntraSpa.

Spa treatments

The ultimate goal of Vitalí is to bring together an immensely pleasant external experience with an internal journey, a notion named IntraSpa. Its philosophy is based on the idea that the real source of wellness comes from being able to listen to yourself. What Vitalí then aspires to, is to reduce the noise of your mind as well as relax your body.


Therefore, key tenets such as creating a wonderful atmosphere, making you feel welcome, facilitating relaxation techniques, offering regular advice, motivational support, and providing reliable information play a key role in enabling you to achieve a quiet mind and a revitalized body. This is delivered at Vitalí through a mix of several high-quality services such as all types of massage, yoga, meditations, Tai chi, ceremonies, detox advice, and workshops.

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On top of this, you will find a good collection of books, a detox bar with “live drinks” (such as kombucha), and a boutique where you can find different items to feed your mind and strengthen your body.

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Vitalí has been designed right down to every tiny detail, to get you to that internal trance-like state, whether it be through partaking in a meditation circuit after a rejuvenating deep tissue massage, or yoga before a hot-stones treatment. You can even utilise the on-site virtual reality equipment, perfect for an awesome meditative experience anywhere in the world.

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The Deep Thinker

A Catch Up with Alberto Cortina, Wellness Extraordinaire

Alberto Cortina

Alberto has been working in the Wellness Industry for over 15 years. He has a background in media communications and a Master of Business Administration from Sheffield University. Also, he is a permanent student of a mix of disciplines such as yoga, reiki, and tai chi and is passionate about reading about philosophy and psychology.

He is the co-creator of “the intra movement “which aims to inspire governments, entrepreneurs, and architects to create spaces to pause and to do nothing more than listen to themselves. It also aims to make meditation (taking time for reflection or whichever terminology you prefer) a social norm in companies and public spaces in order to improve our mental health in a world that is just asking us to move and achieve without stopping.

In line with the “intra movement”, he has progressed his spa to an IntraSpa as an example of space to pause to listen to yourself.

He has also developed a Detox Bar which is a concept that offers an alternative to Starbucks for people who work more with their creative brains. The atmosphere is created to make your ideas flow plus you are able to consume healthy drinks.

Wellness Boutique is a project which has also been designed by Alberto Cortina that aims to offer sensorial products to make spending time with yourself a ceremonial and mystic experience.


Judges’ Feedback

  • Brilliant range of services that cover everything a wide array of areas such as beauty, physical health, and mental health.
  • Ideal location in the heart of Mexico City, the spa is centrally located and easily accessible.
  • Easy to use and informative site, all packages, and items are clearly listed with full details available.

Contact Details

Vitali logoAddress: Av Amsterdam 43, Hipódromo Cuáuhtemoc, 06100 Mexico City, Mexico
Tel: +52 55 5211 6135
Website: https://vitalispa.com.mx/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vitaliclinicaspa/
Email: vivesinpeso@gmail.com; 20contacto@vitalispa.com.mx