Right above the port of Santorini on the edge of the cliff, between sky and earth, Venetsanos winery,  the first industrial winery of Santorini is located.

Giorgos Venetsanos, the sharp eyed, meticulous, analytic oenologist, put pen to paper and he himself designed the winery of his dreams.

The winery was built in 1949, before electricity came to the island.

It was designed and built in four levels in order to take advantage of the gravity.

The result is this charming building that survives undamaged until today.

The winery premises are fully accessible to the visitors. We will be glad to introduce you to the facilities and take you step by step through the marvelous history of Venetsanos winery. The visitor can sample our exceptional wines by the proprietary vineyards of the family. Tastings are personalized according to style, ranging from a glass of wine to the opening of several selected bottles of older vintages. Wines may be accompanied by light snacks made of high quality Greek traditional products, transforming the tasting into real gastronomic experience.

For special occasions, the winery’s expert staff organizes exclusive dinners on the private terrace, with Venetsanos wines and fine viands, in a majestic scenery.

The terraces for the wine tastings are open daily from 10:00 to 21:00. Enjoy the captivating sunset from here and an evening under the moonlight and the lights of the unique Caldera cliffs!

Venetsanos Winery


Judges’ Feedback

  • Unique sea view location combined with a rich history and stunning exterior.
  • Outstanding online reviews that routinely praise the overall service, location and quality of wines.
  • Excellent quality wines, the selection is small but very impressive.
Venetsanos WineryAddress: Venetsanos Winery, Caldera Megalochori, P.O. Box 510, GR-847 00, Santorini Island, Greece
Phone: +30 22860 21100
Email: [email protected]