Located near Australia, Vanuatu is an island nation with a history going back by hundreds of years. This tiny set of islands is one of the most untouched islands in the world and still remains unaffected to a large extent by human interference. Here are some of the most amazing attractions of Vanuatu.

  1. Tanna Island: Rising high above the ground at 361m, Mount Yasur is an active volcano here. It has been erupting for continuously for over 3 years but is still a popular spot for visiting. The Blue Cave is a magical aqua experience with blue color of the water reflecting on the cave. The Giant Banyan Tree here is one of the largest in the world and it is an experience in itself to see this natural wonder that is unharmed by humans.   
  2. Espiritu Santo Island: This is a popular island known for the Champagne beach located here and is famous for its crystal clear waters and white sands which are one of the best in the region. It’s a major tourist attraction and attracts many tourists from Australia. The island also hosts the beautiful Millenium Cave, which has a stream flowing through it and requires some amount of hiking as well.
  3. Aore Island: This is one of the most visited islands in Vanuatu and is a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons alike. It also attracts divers from around the world, who come to explore the exotic reefs around and famous shipwrecks like SS President Coolidge. You can also find the only cave and plantation experience of Vanuatu by walking on an easy trail; a bat cave is also there.  
  4. Lelepa Island: One of the larger islands in the country, Lelepa has a population of only 500 and is famous for the Fels Cave, which contains drawings on rocks dating back by 3000 years.
  5. Nguna Island: This Island is a popular tourist spot with tours for diving, turtle tagging, treehouse climbing and hiking on the extinct volcano Mount Taputoara. With a population of just over a thousand people, this is the perfect getaway location for tourists.
  6. Port Vila: The Capital of the nation is a small town with colorful markets and also has the National Museum of Vanuatu. It is a famous spot for diving for coral reefs and shipwrecks like Star of Russia. The beautiful Mele Bay is a great sight from the city too. Located near the city is the Evergreen Cascades Waterfall with its crystal clear waters, where you can take a dip as well! Also located nearby is the Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole, where you can swing from ropes into the pool!
  7. Mystery Island: Mystery Island is an almost untouched island and has long beaches and opportunities to snorkel here are plenty and this is what it’s known for. The tiny island has a small village and it’s possible to easily miss it thanks to the size.

Vanuatu may be a tiny speck in the ocean but it is one of the best places to head to for discovering yourself and to be one with the nature. Being one of the very few places left around the world where human occupation hasn’t affected the environment, Vanuatu is definitely a gem for all of us.