Canada is the home of adventure. The Canadian Rockies (west), the Great Lakes (central) and the Maritime Islands (east) are all ideal locations to explore and discover within a wealth of intrinsically beautiful landscapes with plenty of healthy activities more than adding to the awesomeness. What do you like to do? No matter what you can find it in this great country. Sea kayaking, whale watching and mountain biking are just a few of the things to do in Canada during the summer with plenty of heritage tours and city sightseeing trips making for a rich and varied itinerary no matter who you’re thinking of travelling with. If winter sports are your thing then you’ll be pleased to hear that the likes of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper national parks are brimming over with ski and snowboard potential during the colder months and there’s no better place to be in the whole of North America. With nightclubs, restaurants and more cafés than you can shake a bagel at, cities, such as: Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, make for hugely inviting bases to get your party started as well as boasting plenty of family-friendly options to keep everyone happy and active all day long.

British Columbia is where the Canadian Rockies meet the Pacific Ocean, creating an enticing mountains-to-ocean mix of awe-inspiring backdrops, outdoor adventure options, and seafaring First Nations history and traditions. Alberta’s five national parks and extraordinarily varied landscape—rolling prairie in the east, Canadian Rockies in the west, and lunar-like badlands in between—inspire wanderlust in every type of traveler. Whether winter adventures or world-class festivals and museums ignite your imagination, make Alberta’s 10-Must-Have Experiences the launch pad for an unforgettable journey.

If you love to travel look no further than Canada, one of the best ways to travel this amazing part of the world is by car. If you to plan a Canadian road trip then read on. You will find lots of inspiration in these pages. Long scenic drives are broken up by busy city adventures where you will get up close to busy metropolises. Canadians are known for being the nicest people on earth. But it’s not just the friendly smiles that have everyone writing Canadian Road Trip on the top of their travel bucket list. The ultimate Canadian road trip offers jaw-dropping nature, ancient Indigenous culture, world-class luxury hotels, multicultural culinary scene, the adrenalin rush of outdoor adventure, and cosmopolitan cities filled with awesome art.

From Quebec’s distinct identity, to the multi-cultural melting pot of Toronto and historic Quebec city, Canada is the prefect destination to explore and make new friends along the way. Whether you’re after a fun-filled adventure tour complete with transport and accommodation or mini adventure packages that cover the very best of Canada, we’ve got something for everybody!