The current outbreak of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the travel industry across the world. Forced business closures, travel bans and restrictions on social gatherings are having an unprecedented toll on all of us. Many of our partners are experiencing disruption which is having a knock on affect industry wide.

We have taken the decision to put all of our programmes on hold until the situation improves. You may not be able to reach us in that time but we will have one point of contact available over the next 8 weeks to deal with general queries and the final delivery of now concluded programmes.

If you are expecting a trophy these will be delivered as expected. We are anticipating some delay on delivery times due to the affects COVID-19 is having on our shipping agents and the reduced work force for both the manufacturer and our own team.

Regarding all ongoing programmes, the 2020 European awards and 2020 Spa awards are now concluded. However we expect some delay in publishing time as we finish off the final touches. The 2020 Middle East nominations are on-going but the programme is paused until our full team are back to work.

All of our future award dates are now postponed until further notice.

Nominations remain open for when we resume.

We will do everything we can to support those in difficulty during this time. We hope you can bear with us as we navigate through the situation ourselves.