TouchingCode is a global technology company specialising in the design and development of applications for mobile devices. The experienced team made up of Clemens Grossman, Simone Belfi and Detleft Rupp are experts in carrying out complex tasks where multifaceted technical expertise and integration within existing IT processes are crucial.

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Customers can expect fast, efficient, dedicated and reliable app development combined with the flexibility, comfort and workflow support found in web CMS systems.

The latest development from TouchingCode comes in the form of an exciting content management system named Apmato. Apmato is an authoring tool and content management system for mobile apps. A so called “App for Apps” designed with the hospitality industry in mind. Museums, tourism boards, leisure centres, hotels and tour companies are more than welcome to take advantage of Apmato to help stay in touch with clients and deliver up to date information. 

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Apmato is perfect for those looking to create an app without the hassle of coding or worrying about complicated updates. The affordability and personalisation are huge benefits, you can edit the app themselves, create many different apps while also working on the go anywhere in the world. Push messages are a great bonus that allow you to directly reach out to your audience.

It’s a simple 4 step process, first the concept, second the build, third the test and finally you publish. Through out the whole process you’re more than welcome to test run the app as many times as you like and continually make changes.

Why not check out Apmato for yourself –

Judges’ Feedback

  • A tailor-made approach that puts the customer’s needs first while drawing on years of experience and knowledge.
  • Excellence in Innovation in the form of Apmato, a unique, multipurpose and customisable “app for apps”.
  • Extensive portfolio of work that isn’t limited by language or location

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