Located off the southeast coast of Africa, Mauritius is an island paradise encircled by the deep turquoise water of the Indian Ocean. With a tropical climate all year round and no actual Monsoon season, Mauritius is the perfect hotspot for sun and sea lovers alike.

 1. Savour the Gorgeous Beaches

The island is famous for its spectacular beaches. Stunning blue water, long stretches of white sand and fresh sea breeze make this a magnificent destination for a holiday. There is no shortage of beaches to choose from and most are surrounded by coral reefs that burst with aquatic life.

 2. Visit Blue Bay

Blue Bay is one of the must-see places of the island. It is located in the south and though famous with tourists it is still relatively undeveloped compared to the northern part of the island. Blue Bay’s fantastic underwater life makes this a perfect spot for snorkelling and scuba diving.

3. Water Sports and Boat Tours

Catamaran tours are a great way to discover the nearby islands that make up the rest of the country. Sail along the Indian Ocean, snorkel above the reefs and try the delicious lunch and BBQs on offer aboard the boat.

Dolphin and whale spotting is another very popular choice. And weather permitting, you can even jump in the warm sea for a swim alongside these majestic giants.  For even more adventurous types, the island offers plenty of water sports opportunities including windsurfing and parasailing.