Postojna – a small town nestled away in the traditional region of Inner Carniola, Slovenia, has much more to it than meets the eye. The town is rich in history, having being populated since the paleolithic era which was found through the discovery of a cave settlement near the town called Betal Rock Shelter or Betalov spodmol. There’s a lot that Postojna has to offer and in order to understand it better, TIC Galerjia was established. 

An Adventure Awaits

TIC Galerjia embarked upon its journey with the objective of helping travellers explore Postojna region. Further, it also helps in providing guests with an insight into the local tourist offerings, free tourist publications, brochures, maps, ideas and tips for amazing experiences, suggestions for accommodation, good local food, and cultural events. Wide selection of unique handmade and local souvenirs and gifts are also readily available for purchase. The adventure center can be found at two locations in Postojna – TIC Postojna (Tržaška cesta 59a) next to Mercator Shopping Centre and TIC Galerija (Trg padlih borcev 5), next to the public library. 

There are a range of tourist attractions for you to explore. For example, there’s the Postojna Cave, which was discovered back in 1818. You cannot miss »Karst Museum« permanent exhibition in the Notranjska Museum Postojna. One can view original treasure from the Predjama Castle. You can choose to take a walk through the beautiful mountain field or the old city center of Postojna, where the locals like to say that every house and street conceals its own story. Other popular destinations include the Mysterious Predjama, the beautifule Planina polje, Planina cave and the Notranjska Museum Postojna, to name a few.

TIC Galerija

Besides exploring the area, there are a range of activities that you can indulge in. You can discover legends and enjoy different activities under and over the earth, in water ,and in the air. You can walk on foot or by bicycle and discover unspoiled forests and nearby peaks. You can observe animals in the forests, and in the summer, you can refresh yourself in the Unica River, where fishing enthusiasts return to do fly fishing every year. Relive the exploration of caves in a completely unique way in the cave trekking or boat tour. For those who love the clouds, we recommend a breathtaking panoramic flight above the region.  

While you indulge in adventurous activities, don’t forget to make the most of the culinary experiences as well. TIC Galerija provides information regarding some of the best restaurants in region. They ensure that they provide you with information regarding culinary experiences that will satisfy everyone who swears by traditional Slovenian cuisine as well as those who love good pizzas, fish lovers or various meat and vegetable specialties. 

In their region you can choose from various quality accommodation at will – hotels, youth hostel, boarding houses, campsites, tourist farms or numerous private accommodations, there’s offers about all of these places that TIC Galerija can provide. Each of the offers are tailored to fit your budget and ensure that you gain the kind of experience that you expect.

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