Located in the popular ‘rag’ district of Dublin is The Rag Trader. No, this isn’t a textile shop but a bar and restaurant. This area was well-known for its numerous warehouses and offices of textile industry and was hence at the center of the textile business. Today however, it has turned into one of the city’s most happening areas with amazing bars and restaurants. The Rag Trader is reminiscent of its origins as a textile warehouse and it will take you on a journey into the past — the days of rag trade in Dublin.

Specializing in stout and whiskey, the ambiance of the bar has been designed keeping in mind the designs of those times. The intimate seating arrangements with antiques all around will transport you into the days of the rag trade. Comfortable seating and pleasant lighting draw hundreds of people here to sit back and relax with a glass of beer or whiskey. What makes the entire experience more interesting is the live bar which too is made to resemble century old bars with rustic ambiance. You can find many old telephones and dolls on the walls with your favourite liquors. On many of the walls, you can also find floor to ceiling drawers that add to the striking interiors of this place.

The highlight of their amazing bar collection is the Whiskey Trays Menu, which consists of five different flights of three different whiskies, so that you can compare them and get a different experience altogether. With seven top brands of Irish whiskey to choose from, you’re definitely in for a treat. Along with the bubbling bar menu, they also boast of a seafood-oriented bar bites menu which has some fantastic preparations of oysters, smoked salmons and fish goujons!

The entrance of this bar serves as a time portal and takes you into a totally different era. The glass windows allow ample of natural light inside and illuminate the entire bar during day hours; this makes the whole ambiance even more peppy. Live music in the backdrop adds to the overall atmosphere and the staff ensures that you are pampered with delicious food all along with their courteous services.

Apart from the regular dining and bar, they have special sampling sessions for whiskey enthusiasts who wish to try the finest of Irish whiskeys. This is possible through their whiskey tasting classes where their whiskey monsieur conducts an informative session on whiskey trade in Ireland and shares tricks of the trade too! Not only will you get to sip the best whiskeys but also get an in-depth idea about its history. From Teelings to Redbreast 21, you will get a chance to sample five of the most well-known Irish whiskeys, be it single malt, single grain, single pot or even blended! The best part? This hour or two long session can be booked online and you can have this private session with your family and friends as a group so that you can get a more intimate experience too! What better place can there be to try Irish whiskeys than a historical location?

Drury Street today may not be what it was a few centuries back with its bustling restaurants and bars along with lively nightlife that exists today, but The Rag Trader does manage to live up to the spirit of this rag district with its decoration and velvety whiskeys!

Address: 39 Drury Street, Dublin 2
Phone: (01) 67 27 696
Email: [email protected]